Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chelsea Cheerleading 2008

Chelsea J Horner
Cheer 2008

Chelsea did Cheer for Lehi Jr. High for the football season of 2008. She had a ball doing this. The photo above shows she didnt go without injury though. She got more bumps and bruises than she has ever had. She is taking after her mom and she loves doing cheer. She really wants to keep doing it throughout the years. Plus I think she really has a nack for cheer... she is awesome!

Baby Shower for Paisley Rose

Roz and Della with Brandi and Rob

Opening gifts for our new little one

Daddy is so excited to have a little girl. We can't wait

Gaige with his buddy Jake Cardwell. Playing in all the wrapping paper
My girlfriend Kim Cardwell gave Rob and I a baby shower for our new baby daughter. We are so excited to bring her into this world and all of our family and friends helped us celeabrate by joining us for the event. Kim went out of her way and made sure this day was really special for us. She handmade all of the cute decorations and and made really good food and had a cake for us. She made a bootie out of 100 diapers and it was the cutest thing ever. We are lucky to have such good friends that care so much for us and our family. Thanks Kim for making this day so fun and Special.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Day At The Races

On this particular race day Brandi got really lucky. You see I usually go with Rob to these type of events, but due to me just having Gaige I really didnt want to go. So Brandi got lucky! She was able to make the arrangments to go.

Rob and Brandi got up early and headed out to the Miller Sports Track. They were meeting a bunch of people from the shop there. Lance and Natalie and Chauncy were there and Brandi had fun hanging out with them. Aldo, and some other guys were there too.

Rob had some event passes and he gave them to his employee's. He also had some pit passes that he and Brandi used. These passes got them really anywhere they wanted to go. They were able to view the races from the top where the owners of the teams sat. When they got to there places they looked over and Michael Jordan was sitting right next to them. Brandi about died.... She coulnt beleive that she was in the presance of Michael Jordan!!! His area was taped off and he had a hole lot of people with him and guarding his area, but still... she was able to take a few photos and was able to say hi. This was pretty cool for her and for the reat of the crew!

They both had a really good time and I dont think they will forget this day ever!

Baby Shower

I was given a baby shower by my mom and sister in laws. This was a really fun day. I got lots of really cute stuff for the baby. Tons of cute clothes, my mom made a special blanket for Gaige, and lots of other fun cool stuff. Soon baby Gaige would be here and everyone was really excited. I am glad that I was able to share this fun day with the people that I love.

Brandi and her funky outfit.
Nana holding Stockton with Chelsea and Dayna

Swimming at Grandpa's and Nana's

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shop Ride May 2007

Rob and Jan Tripp before the ride

Doing the raffle and getting everyone checked in. Chelsea and Kent getting ready to go!
Chelsea and Grandpa Kent
Lavon (Nana)
Cheyney and Ashley

(I found out afterwards that Ashley is my cousin)

What a small world!

Jake at the park

Chelsea eating her lunch after the ride

Brandi and Mike after the ride

Rob doing the raffle

This is why I didn't go on the ride!!!

2007 Shop Ride. This was the first ride the girls went on. Chelsea road with Grandpa Kent and Brandi road with Rob. I didn't go due to me being 8 months prego. So Jake and I hung out and went on a ride to Squaw Peak and then to the park where everyone would eventually show up. We had fun just hanging out together. Jake climbed trees and I layed on the blanket and watched.

The girls had a blast on this ride. Chelsea got sun burned on the legs just above her knees, cause she forgeot the sunblock there! Brandi got her taste for fast bikes. She loved riding with Rob. He road his CBR1000 and of course he does not go slow! Afterwards we went to Grandpa and Nana's to swim and relax. What a wonderful day for everyone!

Disney on Ice

We went to Disney on Ice and took Grandma and Grandpa Beck with us. This was a fun night. Mom was a bit sick (morning sickness) but I made it through. Afterwards Chelsea and Jake road home with G&G cause they went to their dads for the weekend.